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    Get great-tasting water straight from your tap with a filtration system installed by our team of water experts!

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    Whether you need 5 gallon jugs or custom label water, we’ve got you covered!

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  • Coffee

    Great water makes great coffee! Allow us to manage all your coffee needs. 

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While the rest of the country was still in the grips of the Great Depression, one man had a simple plan and started a business that would stand the test of time.

More than eighty years later, those same guiding principles remain in place. Today, the company’s service line includes bottled water delivery, water filtration and purification systems, and a gourmet coffee service.


The Secret to Awesome Coffee? It’s in the Water

Coffee, on its surface, is an incredibly simple beverage: just add hot water to ground up roasted beans. However — as in any great pursuit — achieving perfection remains elusive.

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What Exactly is in Your Tap Water?

Have you ever wondered what the pipes look like that bring water into your home? Chances are, it isn’t very clean or pretty, and it’s likely that the pipes are several decades old.

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On-Site Lead Testing

If you have ever been concerned about whether or not the water you’re drinking at your home or business contains lead, you can call Exell so we can help you determine whether or not lead is present in the water you and your loved ones consume.

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