Our History

When Exell Calhoun started Mississippi Bottled Water Company out of the well in his backyard in 1937, he had a simple goal in mind: to make it convenient for his friends and neighbors to have clean, great-tasting drinking water. 

He used a hand-cranked conveyor belt to fill glass bottles that he put in the back of his friend’s pickup truck and drove the water to people who needed it. Exell knew not everybody had access to good water, and he viewed his day’s work as much more than a way to earn a living. It was a service.

Things have changed a lot in 83 years, but that spirit of service lives on in the company he started so long ago.

Today at Exell Water & Coffee. Inc., we see it as our service to provide clean, healthy drinking water to your home or office. Whether we deliver Artesian spring water or install filtration or purification systems, you can rest assured that you are providing your family or your staff with the healthiest option possible. 

Water is what we sell, it’s what we do.

But it’s not ALL we do. We also provide premium coffee and tea services for our commercial clients. Whether your team is more “black coffee on the worksite” or “lattes in the executive boardroom,” we can take care of all your coffee needs. 

A lot of things have changed since 1937, but we still consider what we do service. Our customers are still our friends and neighbors — members of the same community to which we belong.  

That will never change.