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By: Tyler Gatewood on November 18th, 2020

6 Benefits of Office Coffee Services

For many people, coffee is an important part of their daily routine, with 62 percent of Americans drinking at least one serving of this beverage each day. The average person drinks three cups of coffee per day, and the workplace is the second, only to home, for the highest location for coffee consumption. 

These statistics indicate that having access to quality coffee, ideally for free, in the office is essential. You may find yourself wondering how to increase productivity and morale while maximizing time in the office. By installing a coffee station in your breakroom, you are taking the first step to a better workplace.

As a full-service provider of office coffee, we here at Exell can attest to the importance of coffee in the workplace. Keep reading for an overview of the benefits of investing in office coffee services for your business.

  1.     Increased productivity

This should come as a surprise to no one, but coffee increases productivity and improves alertness. When you reach a slump in the middle of the workday, reaching for coffee is a popular option for a boost in energy. This is also beneficial for company meetings, as studies have shown that caffeine helps people to retain information by enhancing memory functions

Not only does it give you an immediate boost in productivity, but coffee can also help you to retain information more quickly and efficiently. In a study from PLOS One, it is reported that the brain is able to process words and phrases more quickly after drinking 200 mg of caffeine.  This same study also highlighted that caffeine increased the reasoning and problem-solving ability. 

  1.     Increased socialization

Office coffee machines are the water cooler of the twenty-first century. Taking coffee breaks throughout the day is a great way to take a break and clear your head by making small talk with your colleagues. 

Socializing at work is important for creating a cohesive flow amongst your team. It has been shown that time spent on a coffee break is not time wasted but rather the opposite. It encourages conversations about success and productivity that cannot be found in memos or handbooks. 

Allowing this organic conversation to flow helps employees to share knowledge and support with one another.  

  1.     Increased morale

Providing something as simple as a free cup of coffee can make your employees feel appreciated. In a recent study, 85 percent of employees said that they felt a boost in morale when their employers provided office coffee services. 

Coffee is an important part of many people’s day, and by providing something your employees look forward to can increase excitement throughout the workday. 

  1.     Increased health

Coffee contains more than just caffeine, but also antioxidants and other substances that help to reduce inflammation and protect against certain diseases. There have been recent studies that show those who regularly drink coffee are less likely to die from heart disease, cancer, stroke, or kidney disease. 

Studies have also shown that coffee helps your body process glucose better, which means that you are less likely to get type 2 diabetes. So why is this good for the workplace? Well, overall increased health means a decrease in sick days and insurance premiums, which directly affect the bottom line. 

  1.     Increased collaboration

There is a reason that coffee houses are well known spots for collaborative study sessions and the like. Companies spend billions of dollars trying to create innovative workspaces to help their teams to collaborate when the answer is right in front of them: office coffee service. 

The way to make this successful is to ensure that the coffee is available in a welcoming area that is accessible for all departments. Atmosphere is everything and creating a space that invites employees to stay and chat a while is essential. This could be as simple as adding a few sofas or chairs to allow people to relax and chat while waiting for their coffee to brew.

  1. Decrease in wasted time

The truth of the matter is that people will drink coffee throughout the day whether it is available in the office or not. Providing your employees with unlimited access to high-quality coffee cuts down on the trips to Starbucks, which cuts down on wasted time on the clock. By providing premium coffee, your employees will have more incentive to stick around the office rather than finding better tasting coffee at the local coffeehouse.

There are also situations where your employees may experience a post-lunch slump, and a simple cup of coffee is all they need to boost their energy. By providing this for them, it means you will get more productivity out of them during their last few hours in the office. 

How Can Exell Help?

Now that you realize how important access to coffee is for your employees, we would love to discuss your options. You have the option to order quality coffee every day or you can hire a professional company to deliver the service you are looking for. You can purchase your own machines and coffee grounds, or you can partner with a professional coffee service company who will provide top of the line equipment for free.

We provide personalized service and our dedicated team is active and local to our Mississippi market. We provide a wide variety of brands and brews to satisfy everyone, from our premium house blends to popular national brands, with delivery straight to your door. With the provided equipment a coffee service will not only save you time, but also money.

We offer several options of brewing machines, from individual brew cup systems to whole bean or bean-to-cup systems. Included with our service are the supplies needed to customize your coffee, such as creamers, sugars, sweeteners, and stir sticks. If you are hosting a meeting, we also provide air pots and carafes. 

We have been in the coffee business for over 80 years, and we are committed to the state of Mississippi. We would love to speak with you about your office coffee needs and help you to customize the perfect environment for your business. With quality coffee available throughout the day, we feel confident that your employees will remain alert and focused throughout the day.