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By: Alexis Moore on December 1st, 2021

Afraid to Drink Your Tap Water? How to Gain Confidence in What You Drink

Sometimes drinking straight out of the faucet can be a little suspicious. How do you know if tap water is safe to drink? If so, which tap water is safe? We use water not only to drink, but to wash dishes, cook dinner, brush our teeth, and shower with, too. 

We can assure you that you aren’t the only one asking these questions. Many people wonder the same thing you do.  


Microfiltration, while it sounds fancy, is a pretty simple process. It’s when water passes through a filter and partially dissolves solids suspended in the water. If the solids are larger than the holes in the filter, the water is filtered. You can rest easy knowing your water is safe through microfiltration. 


Osmosis, another filtration process, is different yet still effective. Whereas microfiltration stops molecules from getting into the water, osmosis pushes molecules out of the water.  Molecules move through a lower concentration to an area of higher concentration. 

This ensures that no harmful molecules are being consumed. It’s almost like osmosis flushes out the “bad stuff,” which is what we want!  

RO Systems

RO, or reverse osmosis, systems are known for collecting water in a tank and sending it to a specific faucet, ensuring clean water comes out.  

This is a completely different way of filtration. These systems typically cost a little bit more compared to other purification systems, like microfiltration and osmosis, but it’s for good reason. 

Reverse osmosis can filter out bacteria that the other two filtration systems can’t, including heavy metals. For some, there’s no hesitancy with paying just a little extra for this type of protection. 

So, what does this mean for me?

A good way of ensuring drinkable tap water is to get some kind of filtration or purification system, whether that is through microfiltration, osmosis, or a reverse osmosis system.  

We here at Exell are proud to offer both microfiltration and reverse osmosis filtration systems. You shouldn’t have to worry if the water you’re drinking is safe to be consumed.