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By: Michael Colvin on January 18th, 2023

Benefits of Tracking Your Water Intake


Tracking your water intake can be incredibly beneficial for a variety of reasons. It can help you stay hydrated and energized throughout the day, as well as help your body function optimally. It can also help you maintain a healthy weight, as drinking enough water can help reduce hunger cravings. Additionally, keeping your body hydrated can help reduce the risk of headaches and fatigue. Finally, tracking your water intake can also help you remember to drink enough water, which is important for overall health.


The best ways to track your water intake

Tracking your water intake is is important, but how do you accomplish that goal? There are several ways to track other than mindfulness. If you’re forgetful, live a busy lifestyle, or both our recommendations are listed for you below!


Water Bottle Trackers

These bottles are everywhere: Amazon, Walmart, Etsy, Target. They have markers usually by the hour that serve as visual reminders to drink a certain amount of water in a certain amount of time. They’re also pretty cute and you can find some customized ones easily as well! This one from Amazon is a personal favorite  of ours.


Water Tracking Apps

If you want something a little more programmable we suggest water tracking apps! These apps often send reminders to your phone and/or smart watch as push notifications that essentially say “Hey you, it’s time to drink water!”. We recommend checking out these: 


My Water-Daily Water Tracker 

Price: Free 

This app allows you to set customizable water intake goals and you can log your ounces with just a few taps. You can even check your stats daily, weekly and monthly!


Water Reminder- Daily Tracker 

Price: Free

This app is voted the #1 water app in the Health & Fitness section of the App Store. It gives you reminders all throughout your day and a little extra encouragement on days when you struggle to meet your goal.  You can also add in your personal information and receive an estimated water intake goal for your specific body type. This app does it all and makes drinking water so much easier. 


Printable Trackers

We know that there are plenty of pen-and-paper-kind-of-people out there, so we had to include this printable download. This fun printable includes water tracking, meal planning, sleep patterns, and calorie intake.  


We are all about hydration here at Exell! Getting the right amount of water you need into your system is a goal everyone should pursue daily. We hope this post helped and be sure to check out ways you can avoid hydration (Especially in the south) below!