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By: Victor Barnette on February 24th, 2021

My Water May Be Contaminated. What Do I Do Next?

Whether it’s the aftermath of a winter storm, flooding or otherwise, finding out your water is potentially contaminated is never a good feeling!

At Exell, we believe everybody should have access to safe, clean water, which is why we not only offer bottled water delivery services but also filtration and purification options to address the needs of the whole home. 

So let’s get straight into what your options are to be able to provide you and your loved ones with clean water. 

What To Do Next

There are several different paths you can take at this point, but where to start is up to you. Your journey to clean water could include all of the options we discuss below, just one or a combination of them.

Test Your Water

If you’d rather have your water tested first, there are a couple different ways you can go about this. If you’re interested in testing your own water from the comfort of your home, we review 6 different testing options on our blog, but please be aware that the different testing options are ordered through Amazon, and the last time we checked, the most cost effective option was taking up to a week to ship out, even with Prime benefits.

However, if you prefer to support a locally-owned, family business, Exell is currently offering our water testing and site survey consultation for a $25 fee that will be credited back on your account should you choose to go with any of our services–whether it’s bottled water delivery or a water filtration or purification system that we install.

Sign Up for Bottled Water Delivery

If you’re most concerned about getting clean water right away with as little work on your part as possible, then we’d highly recommend signing up for bottled water delivery.

We’re pleased to offer an extremely convenient way for you to sign up for bottled water delivery online, and your water options that we’re able to deliver directly to your doorstep include: 

  • 3-gallon water
  • 5-gallon water
  • 12oz single serve water in 24-pack cases
  • 16.9oz single serve water in 24-pack cases
  • 12oz single serve BUBBL’R, a deliciously refreshing sparkling water with a hint of natural caffeine, available in 12-pack cases

While it’s not water, as an added bonus, our friendly drivers can also deliver multiple flavors of 20oz Gatorade in 24-pack cases.

If you choose to get 3- or 5-gallon water, you can also order any quantity of the single serve beverage options that you desire. 

If you’re only interested in our single serve beverage options, we will happily deliver to your doorstep with a minimum order of 3 cases, whether it’s 3 of one type or any combination of 3 or more cases of single serve beverages. 

Water Filtration or Purification

If you are interested in getting either a standalone unit or under-the-sink water filtration or purification system installed to ensure you’ve got clean water for everyday tasks such as cooking, washing your hands or brushing your teeth, we’ve got plenty of options and recommend that you read through the differences in microfiltration and reverse osmosis first. 

We most definitely recommend setting up a consultation and site survey with one of our water experts so that we can assist you in establishing the best possible way for you to get clean water at your home based on its infrastructure and other contributing factors.  

Safe Drinking Water for All

We want to ensure that you and your loved ones have safe drinking water available at all times, so if there are any questions we are able to answer, you can contact us via email, give us a call  at 601-981-1231, or if you’re interested in reading more about the services we offer and how we can help develop the best water solution for you, please visit our Learning Center