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By: Tyler Gatewood on July 5th, 2020

How Office Coffee Service Works

There have been a great number of studies detailing the relationship between coffee and productivity. 

And while the statistical specifics may change from one study to the next, what never changes is the fact that when a work unit – whether that’s an office team or construction workers – receives a good cup of coffee at the beginning of the shift, they respond in a variety of positive ways:

  • by being more productive, 
  • missing fewer days work due to illness, 
  • enjoying better work relationships, 
  • feeling more appreciated, and 
  • generally performing better as a collective body. 

As a full-service provider of office coffee, we here at Exell have seen these positive effects of providing coffee in the workplace. This article not only covers the benefits of providing a coffee service, but how you can easily set up a coffee station in your office that will keep employees happy and energized.

Benefits of an Office Coffee Service

These studies were performed by MIT, Psychopharmacology Journal, and the renowned London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine – to name a few. Add to those findings the American Institute of Cancer Research announcing that coffee is an excellent source of antioxidants, and the US National Institute for Health finding that coffee drinkers just plain live longer.

 Taken as a whole, it’s clear that most any organization stands to gain from providing coffee to those in its employ. There is however, a catch. To reap the majority of these benefits not just any coffee will do. 

The relationship between coffee drinker and his or her coffee is an intimate one. In order to make the workforce feel appreciated, and to make the gains in productivity that come from providing coffee in the office, the coffee being provided must be good, quality coffee. Otherwise, the workforce will feel specifically unappreciated. In fact, providing subpar coffee is worse than providing no coffee at all. 

Part of making people feel appreciated is to seek their input in matters concerning them. By catering to the workforce, the employer is validating their feelings and stressing a desire to take care of them. 

To that end, at Exell we have crafted the process by which we begin providing office coffee service, as well as periodic check-ins after service is underway to follow specific protocols to ensure we are following the science of satisfaction.

How Office Coffee Service Works

After reading the basics about what we offer on the website, you calls in and speak to one of our customer support team members. During the initial phone call we will gather some basic information about your workplace and your team. For example:

  • the location of your workplace
  • the number of team members you’re looking to provide coffee services for
  • how your team is set up inside the workplace – are you all in a bullpen area, are you separated into smaller units throughout your workplace, etc., 
  • are you looking to create a small market within the workplace 
  • Will some team members be receiving brewed coffee while others are more interested in individuation with K cups – the basics.

Next, the account manager will follow up  with you to set up a site visit. When the account manager does a site visit, he or she will get a sense of the space and how the service will be laid out. He will ascertain what type of equipment is needed. The manager will get feedback from both the employer or office manager who is procuring the service, as well as speak with the team members who will be drinking the coffee so he or she can get a good sense of what type of coffee service would best suit the needs of the team.

After the site visit, the manager will put together a proposal based on the information gathered during the site visit and the interviews. The next step is to provide a taste test for the team based on that proposal. Whether it’s providing fresh brewed varieties of our house blends, or a selection of national brands – the manager will bring a wide range of options for the team to test. Our account manager will not stay during the taste test – it is vital to not influence the answers in one way or the other. Instead, the team members will respond to a questionnaire provided by the account manager.

Based on the answers to that questionnaire, the account manager will put together a proposal that takes into account all the information gathered through the entire process and give the client a couple of options for handling the account. The client will either choose one of those options or talk through a negotiated version of those options.

The account manager will provide a contract for service and as soon as that contract is executed, the relationship begins.

Following a 90-day trial window the account manager will speak with the client and go over the contract in the terms of the service to make sure that the client in clients team are happy. At that point the account manager will make any changes that are necessary, or that may seem preferable.

Making Workplace Coffee Something the Teams Looks Forward To

While the process may seem somewhat involved, we have been doing this for two decades, and we have an excellent track record for satisfaction. As noted at the beginning of this article, the relationship between an individual and that individual’s coffee – particularly morning coffee – is an intimate and important relationship for productivity, social cohesion and comfort in the workspace. With the workforce spending ever more hours working – employers who learn how to make their businesses employee-centric will be more successful recruiting the type of talent necessary to succeed in an ever more competitive global economy.

We take the process very seriously. That being said, the interactions – these steps along the way – take neither an intense amount of time nor effort on behalf of the client or the team. We have honed the process to ensure that the team members who are receiving the coffee feel heard. They are the ones who are going to be impacted the most by this relationship. So to us, it is vital that they have a chance to weigh in on what they’ll be drinking – the weight of the roast, the type of bean, the acidity, the fruitiness and so on. 

Use Coffee to Make Your Team Feel Appreciated

In our opinion, it only makes sense that if an employer is going to invest in the team’s happiness and productivity in this way, then we should invest the time and effort to listen to that team as a means of ensuring they are receiving the product service that meets their needs most effectively.

If you are ready to see your team’s productivity get moving in the right direction, please reach out to us and get the ball rolling. Before you know it, you could have a workforce that is alert, communicative, focused and – most importantly – feeling appreciated.