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By: Michael Colvin on March 10th, 2021

How to Avoid Dehydration

Living in the South, we are all too familiar with how incredibly hot it can get throughout the year, and we must drink more water due to our climate, especially in the spring and summer.

We must be more cognitive than others when it comes to hydrating our bodies to avoid dehydration, we’ve got to do more than drink more water because we must identify the early dehydration stages through its symptoms to replenish our bodies.

It occurs due to using or losing more fluid than we consume. The body does not have enough water in the body to carry routine functions. Replenishment is critical during this state to replace the lost fluids in your body or you will get dehydrated.

What are the symptoms of dehydration?

When the body is dehydrated, you may experience the following symptoms:

  • Thirst
  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Dry skin
  • Memory loss
  • Issues with brain cognitive
  • Dizziness
  • Urine is dark yellow and has an odor
  • Dryness in your lips, eyes, and mouth
  • Less frequency in bathroom breaks
  • Sunken eyes or cheeks
  • Irritability
  • Lack of tears when crying
  • In infants, no wet diapers in a three-hour timespan

How is Dehydration Caused?

Dehydration can be caused by many different things, especially when you lose water in your body from the following:

  • Breathing
  • Sweating
    • Know how much you are losing and monitor it when doing physical activities. To be safe, drink additional water to ensure you have replenished your intake with what has come out of your body.
  • Urinating
    • How do you know if you are drinking enough water? According to the U.S. Army Public Health, check the color of your urine:
      • Healthy Color: Pale yellow to light yellow
      • Dehydration: Darker yellow
      • Emergency: Brown
  • Illness
    • A massive amount of water loss can occur with a high fever, diarrhea, or vomiting. When you lose these vital fluids, the body loses electrolytes. What are electrolytes? Minerals in your bloodstream and fluids that affect bodily functions in your muscles and nerves.
  • Alcohol
    • Alcoholic drinks can deplete the liquid and electrolytes in your body at a rapid speed. So if you decide to party, be sure you drink water to replenish your body and drink responsibly.
  • Hot Weather
    • Stay Cool in HOT Weather and avoid overheating by drinking plenty of fluids. Why is this important? Water regulates your body’s temperature. Other precautionary actions are needed to prevent severe injuries like a heat stroke like:
      • Sunscreen
      • Being in the shade and not direct sunlight
      • Hats
      • Replenish electrolytes with a sports drink like Gatorade or electrolyte water

Other Ways in Which Dehydration Occurs

Dehydration can occur in any age group but is more dangerous for younger children and older adults. For young children, the most common occurrence of dehydration is diarrhea/vomiting. Medications and a lower volume of water in their bodies can increase the risk of dehydration in older adults. This means that even minor illnesses, such as infections affecting the lungs or bladder, can result in dehydration in older adults.

Take the Right Precautions to Avoid Dehydration

Whether you are at the beach, construction site, or the ballfields, please take these precautions. Your body can retain water and end up swelling due to sunburn and dehydration. 

  • Wake up with water next to your bed so it’s available in the middle of the night or to start the day. Your body can get very dehydrated in the time that you’re sleeping, so keeping water readily available is a must.
    • Tip: When you wake up, drink 8 oz of water before breakfast or coffee. Why is this important? Water will re-hydrate you and also help you wake up quicker!
  • Live a healthy lifestyle and be conscious of what you eat and regularly drink water. Foods can help hydrate our bodies, especially vegetables and fruits. These items have a fair amount of water to boost our immune systems.

Other Quick Tips to Avoid Dehydration

Exell is here to help you and make your life easier when it comes to maintaining proper hydration! We can deliver bottled water, Gatorade, and BUBBL’R, an antioxidant sparkling water, to your doorstep so you always have hydration tools on hand. Here are a few more tips to stay hydrated in the heat of the South!

  • Be proactive! If you feel thirsty, then you’re already mildly dehydrated, so don’t wait too long.
  • Is water readily available at all times? Exell offers multiple single serve water options to keep you hydrated even on the go!
  • Drink between 6-8 cups of water daily
    • If you are ill with a fever or sweating – drink MORE
  • Eat healthily and have a routine of meals. Do NOT skip meals!
  • Before you exercise, drink a cup of water 4 hours before you begin
  • Drink water while exercising to replenish your body
  • Check your mouth for dehydration.
    • If it is moist, you are good to go. If your mouth is dry, drink fluids!

Whether you choose to hydrate with our artesian spring water, Gatorade or BUBBL’R, rest assured knowing that our team at Exell is here to make your life easier by delivering hydrating beverages right to your doorstep!