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By: Michael Colvin on August 26th, 2020

Kentwood vs. Exell: Which Water Company Best Fits Your Needs

During this Covid-19 pandemic, America is conducting a large majority of their grocery shopping online and many people are left working from their homes. Now is a great time to look into companies that can offer you the ultimate convenience: safe and clean water delivered right to your door. 

Hydration is an important part of maintaining a healthy immune system, and with most of us out of our usual daily routines, remembering to hydrate is important. 

At Exell, we see it as our duty to provide clean, healthy drinking water to your office or home, providing you or your staff with the best option possible. 

It can be overwhelming trying to decide which water company will work best for your family, and we know that we may not be the right fit for everyone. Keep reading for an honest comparison between Exell and our main competitor, Kentwood Springs. 

About Kentwood

Kentwood Springs has been part of the water service delivery business for over 50 years. They were recently one of many companies acquired by the international beverage conglomerate, Primo Water Corporation. They service the areas in Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida.

Kentwood Springs’ Philosophy

Kentwood Springs has a commitment to the planet, as well as their customers. They embrace responsible behaviors that put the food of their constituents above all else. With this philosophy, they promote the benefits of the products that they serve. They are diligent in their sourcing and processing to protect the planet and to give back to their community. 

Who They Serve

Residential Services

Kentwood Springs services customers with 3- and 5-gallon bottled water and provides delivery on a regular schedule with many different water coolers and water types available.

In addition to water dispensers, they also provide residential customers with the option to brew fresh coffee daily. With their AquaCafe unit, innovation meets convenience in this all-in-one bottled water and coffee brewer system. Kentwood Springs will also deliver K-Cup pods straight to their customer’s door.

When ordering gallon jugs and K-Cup pods, Kentwood Springs allows you to stock up your home with single-serve bottles of water. They offer premium water brands like VOSS and Fiji in a variety of packages. 

Business Services

Kentwood Springs offers a variety of equipment to meet the needs of offices, both small and large and everything in between. They service coffee and tea options, as well as furnish the supplies for the breakroom. 

Other Channels

Kentwood extends their services beyond the home and office setting. From schools to healthcare, hotels, and worksites, they provide total refreshment to those who need it most.

Water Filtration

Kentwood Springs provides water filtration solutions for both home and office settings. They pride themselves on quality service and innovative technology, giving their customers an option to fit their needs.

They offer maintenance service every 12 months, which includes changing the filter, sanitizing the dispenser, and inspecting the water tank and pressure.

What They Offer

Here is a list of services they provide:

  •     Bottled Water Delivery
  •     Breakroom Supplies
  •     Coffee Delivery
  •     Water Filtration
  •     Cooler Cleaning

About Exell Companies

Exell Companies began in the backyard of Mississippi native, Exell Calhoun more than 80 years ago. Our commitment is to the environment, which is why we deliver only the purest Artesian spring-fed water in 100% reusable bottles. 

Exell’s Philosophy

Our customers are our friends and neighbors, and when you purchase our products, you can take comfort in knowing your money is being reinvested in the community in which you live. 

Our vision is to contribute to the success of all of our stakeholders, which includes our team, customers, suppliers, communities, and consumers. We are committed to the state of Mississippi, and take great pleasure in giving back to our communities that we serve. 

Who We Serve

Our geographic coverage areas include: Metro Jackson market (Hinds, Madison, Rankin, Simpson, Copiah, Warren, Yazoo, and Smith counties), Philadelphia market (Leake, Neshoba, Scott, Newton, Lauderdale, Noxubee, Oktibbeha, Attala, Webster and Winston counties), and Natchez market (Adams, Wilkinson, Amite, Franklin, Jefferson Counties in MS and Concordia, Catahoula, Tensas parishes in Louisiana).

If your county or parish isn’t listed here, but it’s nearby one of those listed above, by all means reach out to us as we are always expanding our services!

Residential Delivery Services

Our residential services include bottled water delivery of 3- or 5-gallon bottles to use with a water cooler, as well as 24-pack cases of 16.9-ounce and 12-ounce single serve water. Exell’s goal is to remove the hassle of providing our community with clean, great-tasting drinking water. Our staff will deliver water straight to your door.

Our water is great-tasting and comes from a natural source. By renting our water coolers and buying our products, your family will be protected from contaminants such as lead, arsenic, bacteria, and viruses that show up in tap water systems. 

We generally offer delivery services either on a 7-day, 14-day, 28-day, 60-day, or 90-day cycle, but we are flexible and can work with you if you find yourself running low before your next delivery; we’ll even service your account twice a week if needed!

When ordering gallon jugs, you also have the option to add on some of our other premium brands, such as BUBBL’R antioxidant water and 20-ounce Gatorade in a variety of flavors. And for those customers who only want the cases of premium beverages without water jugs, we’re happy to deliver those with only a 3-case minimum order.

 Business Services

We are committed to enhancing your office by providing a water cooler or water purification and filtration units. While the benefits of water are endless, hydration helps to increase both the quality and quantity of output from your team. 

We offer freestanding or countertop water dispensers that provide you with water, whether you want it room temperature, piping hot, or refreshingly cold. While we are able to provide bottom-loading coolers, we more commonly install top-loading coolers made by Oasis

In addition to water coolers, we also offer office coffee services. You can choose from our premium blends or a variety of national brands. We offer individual brew cup systems, whole bean or bean-to-cup systems, as well as all of the condiments, K-Cups, and supplies needed. We also provide all of the equipment, from brewers to air pots to travel carafes, leaving you only responsible for purchasing the coffee. 

Included in our equipment rental is maintenance and service. We offer flexible delivery and payment schedules, as well as transparent and fair pricing.

Other Channels

To handle the demands of our foodservice customers, we turn to our partners at Hill and Brooks whose specialty is premium coffee, tea and lemonade. Our foodservice customers include, but are not limited to, schools, healthcare, restaurants, convenient and grocery stores, and recreational facilities. 

Water Filtration

Exell offers water filtration and purification for both their residential and office customers. To begin our service relationship, we will perform a site survey and test your water to help determine which system will best suit your needs. 

All of our units are functional and aesthetically pleasing, and we provide semi-annual testing and filter changes, 100% free of additional charge. 

What We Offer

Here is a list of services we provide:

  •     Bottled Water Delivery
  •     Breakroom Supplies
  •     Coffee Delivery
  •     Water Filtration
  •     Maintenance and repairs

Things To Consider When Choosing A Water Service Company

All things considered, Kentwood Springs and Exell are both great companies who successfully provide their customers with quality service. If you want the benefits of a larger company, with a wider variety of products, Kentwood Springs might just be the right fit. 

But if you are looking for personalized service and a team that is active and available in the communities in which they serve, Exell’s expertise and great customer service makes us a great fit for you. 

We have been in this business for over 80 years, and we were founded in and remain committed to Mississippi while expanding into Louisiana and Alabama. Every dollar you spend with Exell is money invested into the local economy, and we’d be pleased to add you to the Exell family!