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This Learning Center is dedicated to educating folks on the things we are passionate about - namely water, coffee and tea, as well as the services we provide. From exploring the benefits of office coffee service to finding out why tap water smells like rotten eggs - this space is dedicated to presenting reliable, honest information about what we do and how it impacts your life.

Check back for new material often.

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Is There Lead in My Tap Water?

The possibility of lead in your tap water is a serious and unsettling issue. In this post, we will understand...
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Benefits of Gatorade Delivery

What brand do you think of as the leader in the sports drink category? What sports drink do you see...
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How to Avoid Dehydration

Living in the South, we are all too familiar with how incredibly hot it can get throughout the year, and...
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My Water May Be Contaminated. What Do I Do Next?

Whether it’s the aftermath of a winter storm, flooding or otherwise, finding out your water is potentially contaminated is never...
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How to Sign Up Online for Exell Bottled Water Delivery

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our online ordering site for delivery of bottled water, Gatorade, BUBBL’R and K-Cups. ...
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What is Artesian Spring Water?

We know you have quite a few options available when it comes to water, and it’s easy to become confused...
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