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This Learning Center is dedicated to educating folks on the things we are passionate about - namely water, coffee and tea, as well as the services we provide. From exploring the benefits of office coffee service to finding out why tap water smells like rotten eggs - this space is dedicated to presenting reliable, honest information about what we do and how it impacts your life.

Check back for new material often.

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Benefits of Tracking Your Water Intake

Tracking your water intake can be incredibly beneficial for a variety of reasons. It can help you stay hydrated and...
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Holiday Cocktails & Mocktails Featuring BUBBL’R

Holidays are for hosting, and with these amazing holiday cocktail and mocktail recipes you’re sure to be the host(ess) with...
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Why Your Water Quality Matters

It’s almost Halloween, and while there are so many spooky things out there, nothing is quite as spooky as poor...
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Who is Exell?

In 2017, Mississippi Bottled Water, established in 1937 by Exell Calhoun, was purchased by another local family and is now...
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What is High Turbidity?

What is high turbidity?  Turbidity is the measure of how clear a liquid is. It is a visual characteristic of...
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Introducing: SunFresh a Zero Sugar Lemonade

When you’re drinking SunFresh, shorts and flip-flops are mandatory. It’s Saturday seven days a week. And every car is a convertible....
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