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By: Michael Colvin on February 1st, 2022

Our Top 2 Best-Selling BUBBL’R Flavors

Over the past year, so many of our customers have RAVED about our flavorful sparkling water. We currently offer five flavors of BUBBL’R, and all five are delicious.  

But we get this question asked a lot – “What’s the best seller?” Although each flavor is uniquely different and tasty in its own way, we want to tell you about our top 2 best-selling BUBBL’R flavors. 

Triple Berry Breez’r

Our second most-purchased flavor is Triple Berry Breez’r that just launched in the spring of 2021. Triple Berry Breez’r is a mix of raspberry, blackberry, and blueberry flavors. Needless to say, this tasty trio is a must-try.  

We know there are some people that are instantly turned off by the sparkling water category but trust us when we say that Triple Berry Breez’r is the most flavorful sparkling water we have ever tasted.  

This is the flavor to give to your friend who claims they do not like sparkling water. We can pretty much guarantee that they will change their mind after finishing a can.  

With that being said, we offer another flavor that is even more popular with our customers. Can you guess what it is? 

Our Most Popular Flavor Is…

Twisted Elix’r! If you prefer a more classic, citrus, sparkling water, this is the one for you. Twisted Elix’r offers hints of raspberry with a twist of lime. This combination makes for the most perfectly balanced, citrus drink.  

Some say this flavor is “liquid sunshine,” and we would have to agree. Twisted Elix’r is perfect on its own, but it also adds a delicious, yet subtle lime flavor to any mixed drink. 

This flavor will leave you wanting to grab another even before you finish your first. It is the most ordered flavor out of all five we offer, so you know it must be delicious. If you are wanting to try BUBBL’R for the first time, Twisted Elix’r is a great option to start with. 

Which Flavors to Try

Although these two flavors are our most popular, our other three follow awfully close behind. Cherry Guava Blend’r, Cranberry Grapefruit Sparkl’r, and Pitaya Berry Nect’r are all bursting with flavor.  

We here at Exell feel like choosing a favorite flavor of BUBBL’R is like choosing a favorite child – it’s impossible! So now that you know BUBBL’R tastes good, you should check out all the health benefits it offers, too. There is no mistake – you need your refrigerator stocked with the drink everyone is raving about. And the best part? We deliver it right to your door.