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It's no secret that Exell knows water & coffee, but we also know variety is the key to life!

Yes, we think there is nothing better than pure Artesian water, but who doesn't love bubbles? BUBBL'R is water's fun-lovin' cousin! This sparkling water is available in 5 delicious flavors-- Twisted Elix'r, Pitaya Berry Nect'r, Cherry Guava Blend'r, Craberry Grapefruit Sparkl'r, & Triple Berry Breez'r--and it's filled with vitamins and antioxidants, not to mention it will even give you that boost you may need on summer afternoon's with a little kick of natural caffeine. You'll love this exciting beverage so much you'll want it by the case - and it turns out we are the only place you can, in fact, purchase a case of BUBBL'R. Get this party in your fridge by getting in touch today!

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It's never been more in style to be in shape. Whether you are a Spartan Racer, a Road Warrior, or even a Hard Gardenin' Granny - sometimes you need to replace those good things like electrolytes that the Southern humidity will take out of you. It may have been invented at the University of Florida, but no matter what part of SEC country you live in now, Gatorade will take care of your deep down body thirst. Who knew electrolyte replacement could taste so good? Before the athletes in your house start sweating, tell us their favorite flavor so we can get you set up to receive our 24-pack 20oz cases of Gatorade--a package size not found in stores!

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