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By: Tyler Gatewood on July 22nd, 2020

Top 5 Best Water Filtration Units

There are circumstances that lead one to consider installing filtration and purification systems in our homes. 

Despite the best efforts of public works departments around the country, there are many advantages to having an in-home filtration or purification system. Whether it’s simply for precaution, or a means to eliminating odors or tastes that are less than attractive, in-home filtration purification systems provide another layer of assurance that the water we put in our bodies is free of contaminants. In the last few years as interest in in-home filtration purification systems has grown, the number of choices available on the market has exploded. As a provider of water filtration systems for 18 years, Exell has plenty of experience helping our customers choose the best system to meet their needs.

With so many options, it’s difficult to tell what systems are good and what systems might be less than attractive for our specific circumstances. For that reason, this article will be a ranking of the top five residential filtration or purification systems. The systems come in a number of different varieties, whether they are standalone systems, countertop systems, or under-the-sink in-line systems. 

  1. APEC Water Systems ROES-50 Essence Series Top Tier 5-Stage Certified Ultra Safe Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System ($219.95)

This system does nearly everything you would want out of a water filtration purification system without costing too much. The APEC ROES-50 is a good choice for those who want to ensure they are getting clean, healthy water, whether they are on the municipal system or a well-fed system. With filters you only have to change every 4 to 6 months, and reasonably priced replacements, choosing the ROES – 50 will allow you to rest easy knowing your family is getting pure water without breaking the bank.

The negatives for the system are basically twofold: 

  1. Its filtration systems are not quite as robust as reverse osmosis systems.
  2. This under-the-sink unit does require an involved installation process. 

Unless you are a relatively handy person around the house, it is advised to get a professional to install the system.

  1. Big Water Filter with 2 Berkey Black Water Filter Cartridge. 2.25 Gallon Capacity ($378.00)

The Berkeley Big Water Filter is a unique system among these five units we have chosen. Its novelty plays some role in our deciding that it deserves a place in the top five. 

With an interesting design that is aesthetically pleasing, this newcomer is a system we admire. Powered by the simplest of forces – gravity – this unit is a filtration system. It is different from the other systems in that it is not fed by any waterline. You have to hand feed your tap water into the top of the unit. But, this can be an advantage because it is portable. If you and the family go camping, you can bring along the Berkeley Big Water Filter and leave those store-bought gallons at home.

The fact that it is a filtration system, as opposed to a reverse osmosis (RO) system, means it does not remove the number of contaminants as RO systems. Other negatives are the lack of continuous flow and volume, as well as the relatively high price for this souped-up version of a pitcher filter. 

That said, the system fills a different space than the rest of the units we will be reviewing and for that reason we believe it deserves consideration.

  1. iSpring High Capacity Osmosis 6-Stage Under Sink Natural pH Water Filter System -RCC7AK ($229.95)

Wildly different from the previous system reviewed, the iSpring system is a high-volume reverse osmosis power system that will remove nearly any contaminant that could pose a problem to you and your family’s health and happiness. 

The installation process is relatively simple, and it is made of high-quality materials, so reliability is in your favor. For all that performance you would expect to pay a higher price than this iSpring costs. 

There is one major negative with this unit: its membrane system is rather temperamental and cannot be exposed to direct sunlight for high temperatures.  Also, the unit is not made with the same level of quality of the top two systems we rated. The difference in price is reflective of the discrepancy in reliability. This unit also offers fewer features than the top two units on our list.

  1. Purlogix PRV-200N Standalone Bottle-Less Cooler with Hot and Cold Output ($806.95)

It’s time to step up to the big leagues. The Purlogix PRV – 200N can be defined in one word: premium. 

This standalone unit offers the best traits of your classic water cooler with push-button dispensing of a perfectly chilled, perfectly pure, endless amount of great tasting water. It also has a button for dispensing hot water perfect for tea drinkers. Finally it has ambient temperature water perfect to use in cooking or other applications.

The Purlogix has multistage settlement carbon filtration, and it’s made with premium materials that are put together in such a way that it will be a reliable system for years to come. Despite packing all that punch, it comes in a compact and aesthetically pleasing design so it can be placed in a small area, on a countertop, or set up on a stand to serve your family (or office mates).

The only negative is price, but this unit can be rented from Exell on a monthly contract to eliminate a one-time payout. By renting the unit from Exell, you essentially are able to get the very best purification unit on the market at an affordable price, while avoiding the responsibility that comes along with owning such an expensive piece of equipment outright.

  1. Oasis Aquabar II ($629.95)

The only way to upgrade the Purlogix PRV – 200N, is to offer the same conveniences and quality from a system that uses reverse osmosis instead of filtration. Enter the Aquabar II. 

This RO system is built to last. Its performance is second to none. Whether you use it in the office or at home, this standalone system will deliver the best-tasting, purest water around and requires no more maintenance than the occasional filter or membrane change every six months. 

Its seamless four-gallon reservoir means there will never be an issue with volume. It provides water at hot, cook and cold temperatures that are adjustable based on your preferences. It’s got a sleek design and even comes with the digital clock and a lockout feature. 

Its night setback energy-saving system is environmentally friendly, and it even has the ability to operate as a filter-only system in the event that the RO system is a little more robust than you may need depending on the circumstances of your source water – for example if you are only trying to eliminate certain known contaminants that can be removed through filtration.

There are no negatives as far as we’re concerned. It is predictably more expensive than the other units on this list, but again the monthly rental agreements offered by Excel allow for long-term budgeting stability without any big expenditure. 

The Aquabar II  is our favorite system, and unsurprisingly is the system we install in more homes and offices than any other unit. With an Aquabar II by Oasis in your home or office, you can look forward to pure, clean, great tasting water for years to come.

Which Water Filtration System Is Right for You?

This top 5 list is a reflection of how we feel about the systems on the market right now. It is a snapshot in time and is subject to change as technology improves. 

The innovation at work is ongoing for the companies that manufacture the systems, as is our research and review. In other words, we will do the homework into the systems so you don’t have to. 

While we have our favorites, we understand that everyone’s circumstances are different. What we suggest is that after reviewing this equipment, and other units that you may have found through external research, that you sit down and consider the pros and cons of each unit in the context of your particular needs and circumstances. While we placed value on certain aspects of these units such as price, reliability, method of removing contaminants, placement of the system and so on – you should decide which characteristics are most important to you. Once you have created the criteria for your evaluation, come up with your list of favorites and reach out to us. One of our account managers would be happy to help you evaluate the systems on the market that will serve you the best based on your specific needs by conducting a site survey. Then we can source that system, install it and make sure things are in working order for you and the people who depend on you.