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By: Rusty Harris on July 10th, 2020

What to Expect from a Site Survey

You’ve made the decision to explore possible solutions to improve your business or family’s drinking water situation. You’ve contacted Exell and set up a time for a site survey with an account manager. But what exactly is a site survey, and what can you expect to gain from this visit?

Before we answer those questions, we want you to know that you’ve got options! During the pandemic and moving forward, we are happy to meet with you virtually so that we can evaluate your needs and determine the best water solution for your situation, and we are also taking all the necessary precautions if you prefer to meet in person. 

What Is a Site Survey?

When an account manager from Exell conducts a site survey virtually or in person, he or she is looking to determine a few things about your current set up and ascertain information that will help deliver the best possible solution for your setup be it filtration or bottled water delivery. During the site survey, our team member will discuss with you other aspects of your water usage and evaluate the layout of the area where you are planning on putting your water solution.

The water will be tested with a TDS meter that gives a reading of the total dissolved solids in your water supply. While the TDS meter will not tell us exactly what those dissolved solids are, there are ways of deducing from the read-out to what extent your water is compromised when it comes to taste, smell and safety. 

All of these factors, in addition to the information given by the TDS meter, will yield information that may affect your final decision as to what service will be best for your home or business.  

Why Do I Need a Site Survey?

We have a client that first tried Exell water at her doctor’s office, and she enjoyed the taste so much that when she returned home, she called us to express an interest in bottled water delivery. When we conducted the site survey, however, we realized that she had a large family with six children – several of whom play sports. We also discovered that they have a water line and drain that are currently unused in what was formerly a laundry room – directly opposite a door leading to the backyard.

We explained to the client that instead of getting bottled water delivered, she could save money by installing a water purification unit in the old laundry room, and by doing so, they would cut down on the number of children walking behind adults cooking in the kitchen.

Thanks to the site survey, the client gets water she originally wanted, she gets access to clean water to cook with, meaning the food is not affected by the bad taste in the water, and she has a safer kitchen with less kids running through the same space in which hot dishes often travel – all at a lower price than she would have paid to supply the family with bottled water alone.

How a Site Survey Helps You Plan the Best Solution 

We prefer to undertake a brief site survey for one main reason – experience

We have been in the business for more than 80 years, and during that time we have learned a thing or two about our service and our customers. The main thing we’ve learned is that it’s always better to make the right decision at the beginning of a relationship versus trying to repair or compensate for making the wrong decision after we are already underway. For that reason, site surveys are something in which we strongly believe.

During the site survey, the account manager will understand the physical layout of your house with respect to where the water solution will ultimately take place. We will get an understanding of how many people are to be served from the water solution, the full scope of applications you are looking to engage with, and make a determination on which service best fits your needs.

Finally, our representative will test your water to get a sense of the water situation you are currently dealing with. 

Making It Work for You

While the site survey will likely not take more than 10 or 15 minutes, it’s something that can

  • save you money.
  • create more convenience surrounding how you are planning to use water.
  • offer a solution that you had not even considered, such as running a line to your ice machine or creating a situation for you to be able to use filtered water for cooking at the sink instead of having to fill your pots from the bottled water cooler. 
  • give us the chance to spot any potential issues.