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By: Michael Colvin on October 24th, 2022

Why Your Water Quality Matters

It’s almost Halloween, and while there are so many spooky things out there, nothing is quite as spooky as poor water quality.

One of our biggest passions here at Exell is to raise awareness of water issues people face all over the world and because we believe clean water is everyone’s right, we’re sharing why exactly water quality matters. 

More than 2 billion people are exposed to unclean drinking water each year across the globe, and some of those 2 billion could unfortunately be you, a friend, or a neighbor.

 There are quite a few ways someone can get exposed to drinking water that isn’t safe. However, the most common way those that reside within the US get exposed is through drinking unfiltered water or drinking tap water that has been contaminated. 

Contaminants that can be found in everyday tap water are numerous, and some of those contaminants can last a long time in our bodies, which can breed troubling health issues in the long term. Sometimes pathogens can contaminate water systems and create water borne illnesses that will infect the exposed. 

Knowing this, we always share our expertise and solutions by offering filtration services to ensure your water is of the highest quality that won’t expose you to unsafe particles with proper upkeep, as well as offering fresh clean bottled water that you can have delivered right to your door.  

Water is essential to your life, and the quality of the water that you drink is critical to your overall well being. 

So, in short: Water quality matters because you matter!